Example Definitions of "Vesting"
Vesting. The nonforfeitable right to payment of Plan benefits, other than in the event of Termination for Cause.
Vesting. Your option will vest as provided in your Grant Notice. Vesting will cease upon the termination of your Continuous Service.
Vesting. The term "vest" as used herein with respect to any Restricted Stock Unit means the lapsing of the restrictions described herein with respect to such Restricted Stock Unit. Restricted Stock Units shall only vest, and shares of Stock shall only be issued to the Grantee in respect of such Restricted Stock Units, to the extent that both the performance-based vesting conditions and time-based vesting conditions set forth below are satisfied.
Vesting. All of your Short-Term RSUs are Vested. When an RSU is Vested, it means only that your continued active Employment is not required for delivery of that portion of RSU Shares. Vesting does not mean you have a non-forfeitable right to the Vested portion of your Award. The terms of this Award Agreement (including conditions to delivery) continue to apply to Vested Short-Term RSUs, and you can still forfeit Vested Short-Term RSUs and any RSU Shares.
Vesting. All of your Fixed Allowance Restricted Shares are Vested. When a Fixed Allowance Restricted Share is Vested, it means that your continued active Employment is not required for that portion of Restricted Shares to become fully transferable without risk of forfeiture. The terms of this Award Agreement (including any applicable Transfer Restrictions) continue to apply to Vested Fixed Allowance Restricted Shares.
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