Example Definitions of "Waivers"
Waivers. Subject to the satisfaction of the conditions precedent specified in Section 6 hereof, but with effect on and after the date hereof, the Lenders hereby waive any Default that may have occurred and be continuing solely as a result of (a) the Borrowers' failure to comply with the requirements of Section 8.01 of the Credit Agreement solely with respect to the Test Period ending March 31, 2005, at any time on or after March 31, 2005, and (b) any breach of any representation or warranty made or... deemed made by Borrowers during such period with respect to such compliance View More
Waivers. Other than for the notices to Guarantor set forth in this Agreement, Guarantor hereby waives diligence, promptness, presentment, demand for payment or performance and protest and notice of protest, notice of acceptance and any other notice in respect of the Guaranteed Obligations or any part of them, and any defense arising by reason of any disability or other defense of the Original Obligors. Guarantor shall not, until the Guaranteed Obligations are irrevocably paid in full, assert any claim... or counterclaim it may have against the Original Obligors or set off any of its Guaranteed Obligations to the Original Obligors against any Guaranteed Obligations of the Original Obligors to it. In connection with the foregoing, Guarantor covenants that its Guaranteed Obligations hereunder shall not be discharged, except by complete performance. View More
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