Warrant Equity Conditions Are Satisfied

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Warrant Equity Conditions Are Satisfied. As of any date of determination, that each of the following conditions is (or would be) satisfied on such date, if the Company were to issue on such date all of the Warrant Shares then issuable upon exercise in full of all the Warrants: (i) the number of authorized but unissued and otherwise unreserved shares of Common Stock is sufficient for such issuance, (ii) the Warrant Shares are listed or quoted (and is not suspended from trading) on a Trading Market and such shares of Common Stock are... approved for listing on such market upon issuance, (iii) the Warrant Shares are registered for resale under the Registration Statement and the prospectus under such Registration Statement is available for the sale of all Registrable Securities held by the Holder, and (iv) such issuance would be permitted in full without violating the Securities Act, Section 11 or the rules or regulations of the Trading Market on which the Common Stock is then listed or quoted for trading. View More
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