Example Definitions of "Warranties"
Warranties. Any and all warranties or guarantees provided by any contractor, supplier, or manufacturer in connection with the development and construction of the Project, including without limitation, any warranties or guarantees (i) contained in the Construction Contract; (ii) warranting or guaranteeing workmanship on the Project; (iii) associated with any roof(s) on the Project, or (iv) warranting or guaranteeing any equipment, fixtures, or appliances supplied or incorporated to the Project
Warranties. Means the Boeing warranties and related terms and conditions contained in this HMSGTA.
Warranties. The representations, warranties and undertakings made by the Vendor contained or referred to in this Agreement
Warranties. The warranties, representations and undertakings set out in clause 8 and Schedule 3
Warranties. The existing warranties, guarantees and indemnities for the construction and/or the existing operation of the Properties
Warranties. Solely with respect to each Engine, and each Module and Product related to such Engine, the Standard Warranty, Reconditioning Alternative, Standard Part Warranty, Ultimate Life Warranty, Standard Ultimate Life Warranty Parts Credit Allowance, Campaign Change Warranty, Warranty for Special Tools and Ground Equipment, Warranty Pass-On, Vendor Back-Up Warranty and Vendor Interface Warranty, in each case as set forth in paragraphs A.2, A.3, B.2., C.1., C.2.b., D, E, F, G, and H, respectively, of... the Engine Warranty Plan attached as Attachment A to Letter Agreement No. 2 which forms part of the General Terms Agreement, as limited by the applicable terms of the General Terms Agreement and the Engine Warranty Plan, which paragraphs are attached as Exhibit A hereto. View More
Warranties. Means the representations, undertakings and warranties contained in Part 4 of the Schedule and given in terms of Clause 6 and "Warranty" means any of them;
Warranties. Means all manufacturer and contractor warranties and guaranties related to the construction, maintenance, repair, ownership or operation of the Property.
Warranties. The warranties set out in Schedule 3.
Warranties. The Vendor Warranties and the Purchaser Warranties
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