Wellington Investor

Example Definitions of "Wellington Investor"
Wellington Investor. Each of Alpha Opportunities Fund, Alpha Opportunities Trust, Hartford Growth Opportunities HLS Fund, Hawkes Bay Master Investors (Cayman) LP, Mid Cap Stock Fund, Mid Cap Stock Trust, North River Investors (Bermuda) L.P., North River Partners, L.P., Salthill Investors (Bermuda) L.P., and Salthill Partners, L.P. and, subject to Section 14, their respective permitted successors and assigns
Wellington Investor. Means Wellington Biomedical Innovation Master Investors (Cayman) I L.P., or any investors or permitted transferees of Registrable Securities held by investors that are advisory or subadvisory clients of Wellington Biomedical Innovation Master Investors (Cayman) I L.P. and/or Wellington Management Company LLP.
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