White Label

Example Definitions of "White Label"
White Label. The use of branding of Parties and/or labeling on Products including service marks, trademarks, logos, and corporate names owned or used by Parties in commerce prior to or after the Effective Date. BASA shall be permitted to use White Label product identification of MEP in its Manufacturing Services for MEP, in accordance with the accepted Build Schedules. All Products with White Label shall be referred to as "White Label Products". MEP permits the use of its product identification names, tags... or other means of identification specifically for White Label Products. Any references to Products in this Agreement that were manufactured in accordance with the accepted Build Schedules that permitted White Label Products to be manufactured and supplied by BASA, those references to Products shall mean White Label Products. All White Label Products manufactured by BASA for MEP as agreed to in the Build Schedules will provide White Label product identification as approved by MEP in writing, or any other mutually agreed upon variation, pursuant to the accepted Build Schedule. View More
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