WSJ Prime Rate

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WSJ Prime Rate. The rate of interest published in the Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition) under the designation "Money Rates" and described as "Prime Rate" or "Base Rate on Corporate Loans at Large U.S. Money Center Commercial Banks." If the rate so published is shown as a range of rates, Lender will use the highest rate in such range as the WSJ Prime Rate. If such rate is no longer published or available, Lender will choose a comparable substitute rate based upon a national index, selected by Lender in its... reasonable discretion. View More
WSJ Prime Rate. The rate per annum determined on the basis of the Prime rate as reported in the "Money Rates" section of The Wall Street Journal or a substitute source reasonably determined by the Bank in the event such source is no longer available. The WSJ Prime Rate for the Note will initially be the WSJ Prime Rate as of the date of the Note, and will be adjusted on an annual basis to the rate then in effect as of the anniversary date, or the first business day following such date if the anniversary date... occurs on a weekend or holiday that there is no such rate determined or published. View More
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