Yahoo Canada Network

Example Definitions of "Yahoo Canada Network"
Yahoo Canada Network. Means the Yahoo Foreign Property that is targeted to Canada and currently located at, including but not limited to Yahoo Canada Search, the Yahoo Foreign Verticals that target Canada and any other Canadian targeted products or services that are developed and branded in whole or in part by or on behalf of Yahoo or a Canadian based Yahoo Affiliate; provided that any entity or property acquired, developed, controlled by or branded in whole or in part by or on behalf of Yahoo or... a Canadian based Yahoo Affiliate after the First Addendum Effective Date with whom Overture has a then-existing contractual relationship will continue to perform under the existing contract with Overture (to the extent that such performance is within the reasonable control of Yahoo) and, upon request by Overture, Yahoo shall not send any Yahoo Canada Search Queries from any such entity in the event that no contractual relationship exists between the entity and Overture at the time of the date of acquisition, development or branding in whole or in party by or on behalf of Yahoo. View More
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