Yahoo Canada Search Box

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Yahoo Canada Search Box. Means a graphical area substantially similar in form to the example set forth in Exhibit B to the Agreement that appears on web pages across the Yahoo Canada Network, including but not limited to the front page of Yahoo Canada Search and all Yahoo Canada Search Results Pages, through which a user can only submit a search query that is [*] a keyword or phrase that resolves to Yahoo Canada Search. Additionally, searches initiated by a user clicking on the 'next' button on a Yahoo Canada Search... Results Page and searches conducted after Yahoo provides the user with the correction to a misspelled word (in which case the user may click on the corrected spelling to connect to a Yahoo Canada Search Results Page) and 'Related Searches' (or similar functionality) that appear below the Featured Bottom Section as shown in Exhibit C to the Agreement will be deemed as submitted through a Yahoo Canada Search Box. For clarity, search boxes that resolve to searchable directories other than [*] or successor directories thereto (e.g., searches submitted through any Yahoo Foreign Vertical within the Yahoo Canada Network, including but not limited to the search box that resolves to the specialty directory within the Yahoo Canada Network's shopping-related property) are not Yahoo Canada Search Boxes. View More
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