Example Definitions of "Year"
Year. A "Year" is a period of twelve (12) consecutive calendar months.
Year. Means any one or more fiscal years of the Company commencing on or after January 30, 2000 that represent(s) the applicable Restricted Period.
Year. The period of twelve months from the Commencement Date and each consecutive period of 12 months thereafter during the Term
Year. The 12-month period ending on March 31.
Year. Means the period of 12 (twelve) months beginning on the Effective Date (or SOW Effective Date) and each subsequent period of 12 (twelve) months commencing on the anniversary of the relevant effective date during the continuance of the relevant agreement (whether this Agreement, or a SOW);
Year. The period commencing on the first day of the calendar month following the month in which the Commencement Date occurs and ending at the end of the month twelve calendar months later, and each successive twelve month period thereafter
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