Example Definitions of "Building"
Building. The building or buildings of which the Premises are a part
Building. The office building in which the Premises are located, located at 13794 Northwest 4th Street, Sunrise, Florida 33325. The Building is located within the Building Project
Building. The office building at 1601 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, County of Oklahoma, State of Oklahoma, currently known as The Tower.
Building. The industrial and office building at 560 Arapeen, Salt Lake City, County of Salt Lake, State of Utah which is located on property subject to a lease from the University of Utah, dated September 4, 1979, as amended by each of (i) that First Addendum to Lease Agreement, dated April 9. 1987, (ii) that Second Addendum to Lease Agreement, dated December 31, 1990, (iii) that Memorandum of Ground Lease and Amendment to Ground Lease, recorded June 1, 2000 as Entry No. 7650612, in Book 8365 at Page... 3595 of the official records of the Salt Lake County Recorder, and (iv) that Third Addendum to Lease Agreement, dated May 30, 2003 (collectively, the "Ground Lease") View More
Building. The Landlord's office building located at 130 Research Drive in the City of Hampton, Virginia. Unless otherwise specified, the term "Building" shall be deemed to include the Demised Premises
Building. That certain building on the Project consisting of approximately thirty-two thousand (32,000) rentable square feet.
Building. The office building located on and constituting a part of the Property.
Building. 99 Bishopsgate, London EC2
Building. The office building located at 6377 S. Revere Parkway, Centennial, Colorado 80111 currently known as Revere Corporate Center.
Building. Collectively the five buildings and the pad site used for office purposes and related accessory uses in the development known as Tide Point, and located in Baltimore City, Maryland. The Building, which will contain approximately 405,000 rentable square feet, is more particularly shown on Exhibit A, subject to adjustment from time to time. The names of individual buildings are identified on Exhibit A.
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