Example Definitions of "Building"
Building. The building containing approximately 620,572 Rentable Square Feet, and, subject to the "Rentable Square Footage Agreement" (as defined below), all future alterations, additions, subtractions, improvements, restorations and replacements, with an address of 333 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55402, as of the Lease Date commonly known and identified as Accenture Tower.
Building. The office building consisting of an 11-story building located on the Land, commonly known as The Landmark @ One Market, One Market Street, San Francisco, California, and any additions to such Building.
Building. Means all of the Building described herein including any part thereof.
Building. Both Building I and Building II.
Building. Both Building I and Building II until the Expansion Premises Termination Date; thereafter it shall mean only Building I.
Building. The office building at 14301 Caliber Drive, Oklahoma City, County of Oklahoma, State of Oklahoma, currently known as One Caliber Park at Quail Springs, together with the adjacent parking areas designated for the Building's use, having the complete legal description set forth on Exhibit "B-2".
Building. Building shall mean the improvements presently or hereafter constructed on the Land.
Building. The building described in Paragraph 2 consisting of approximately twenty-eight thousand eight hundred thirty-seven (28,837) square feet.
Building. Means Building I and Building II. Upon Building II Substantial Completion (defined below) by Landlord under the terms of this Amendment, all references to "Building" in the Lease will mean both Building l and Building II.
Building. The building, consisting of an office building on the above-described real property, located at 1901 Olathe Boulevard, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, which Building and its underlying land is described more particularly as follows: LOTS 179,180,181,182,183,184,185, AND 186, IN MUEHLEBACH PLACE, NOW IN AND A PART OF KANSAS CITY, WYANDOTTE COUNTY, KANSAS.
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