Example Definitions of "Compound"
Compound. The proprietary Company isoflavone-based drug compound known as ME-143 (also known as NV-143) or the proprietary Company mitochondrial inhibitor drug compound known as ME-344, or any derivative, homolog, or analog of ME-143 or ME-344 or any isomer, salt, hydrate, solvate, amide, ester, metabolite, or prodrug of any of the foregoing
Compound. Means Galectin Therapeutics' oncology product GM-CT-01 (DAVANATĀ®) which will be renamed for distribution in Colombia and Latin America.
Compound. The compound known by Targacept as TC-1827 and its salts
Compound. Means any individual chemical compound within a Virtual Library or Tangible Library derived from a Protocol.
Compound. Means fentanyl including without limitation metabolites or prodrugs thereof, and any hydrates, conjugates, salts, esters, isomers, polymorphs or analogues of any of the foregoing.
Compound. ACP-104 (N-desmethylclozapine, norclozapine) and its salts.
Compound. Means that certain pharmaceutical compound known as melphalan, including all of its optical isomers, and salt, ester, and polymorphic forms.
Compound. Defined in the License Agreement
Compound. Means that certain pharmaceutical compound known as [***].
Compound. Means, with respect to each Licensed Product, the active pharmaceutical ingredient for such Licensed Product approved by CyDex in accordance with Section 2.5, owned by or exclusively licensed to Company and developed and manufactured by or on behalf of Company.
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