Example Definitions of "Custodian"
Custodian. Solomon Smith Barney or any successor or replacement appointed by the Board or its delagatee under Section 3(a)
Custodian. The individual or organization appointed by the Plan Administrator to maintain custody of Participants' payroll deductions, purchase Common Stock under the Plan, and allocate Common Stock among Participants
Custodian. A custodian and any sub-custodian of securities and other property which the Investment Company may from time to time deposit, or cause to be deposited or held under the name or account of such custodian pursuant to the Custody Agreement
Custodian. The Company, or any other Person that is serving from time to time as Custodian of the Funds
Custodian. The meaning set forth in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
Custodian. Any receiver, trustee, assignee, liquidator, sequestrator, conservator, custodian or similar official under any Bankruptcy Law.
Custodian. Means a receiver, trustee, assignee, liquidator or similar official.
Custodian. Shall have the meaning provided in the first paragraph of this Agreement and shall include any successor thereto.
Custodian. The meaning set forth in the Term Sheet.
Custodian. Has the meaning ascribed to it in the preamble
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