End User

Example Definitions of "End User"
End User. A retail customer or purchaser of the Licensed Product
End User. A physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, midwife or other person or entity that is may legally collect cervical cytology specimens for the purpose of cervical cancer screening
End User. Shall mean a customer of Licensee authorized to use a Licensed Product for internal purposes only and not for further distribution.
End User. The entity that uses the service furnished under this Agreement for its own use, and not for purposes of providing telecommunications services to others
End User. Is, as applicable, a direct user of LABS Licensed Devices, Stand Alone Licensed Devices or MASIMO Licensed Devices.
End User. A third party using an End User Product for its ordinary business or personal purposes, but not for redistribution or resale.
End User. A customer of Distributor/Reseller to whom Distributor/Reseller has provided a License to the StrikeForce Product(s) for their use in the regular course of their business and not for resale by customer.
End User. 1.19 "End User" means any user of the Company Service.
End User. Means a Person that uses Licensed Products for such Person's own internal purpose and not for distribution to others.
End User. A unique student processed in the Regent Service over a 12-month period
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