Example Definitions of "Error"
Error. Any failure of the Deliverables or an omission, defect or deficiency in the Deliverables, (i) (a) that renders the Deliverables inoperable or materially impairs its functionality or performance or (b) that causes it not to conform to applicable Specifications in a material way, and (ii) is reproducible by AmTrust.
Error. A defect in a Reference Port that causes the Reference Port, when compiled and running in the development environment specified by Adobe, not to operate substantially in accordance with the PostScript Language Specification.
Error. Means a reproducible failure of the Licensed Software or Firmware to perform in substantial conformity with the Specifications and applicable Documentation accompanying such Licensed Software or Firmware (if any) when delivered to Control4. The priority level of an Error shall be determined in accordance with Schedule D.
Error. A defect in the licensed StrikeForce Product(s) that prevents it from functioning in substantial conformity with the Documentation.
Error. A failure of the Licensed Software to substantially conform to the Product Specifications. Provided, however, any nonconformity resulting from Licensee's improper use of the Licensed Software, combining or merging the Licensed Software with software not approved by Licensor for use with the Licensed Software, or modification of the Licensed Software which has not been performed by Licensor (other than a change or modification properly made by Licensee pursuant to instructions contained in the... Source Code for the Licensed Software) shall not be considered an Error View More
Error. A reproducible failure of the Supported Software to substantially perform in conformity with the functions described in the documentation
Error. Any failure of the Software to meet its defined, documented and accepted functional specifications and detected in defined acceptance tests;
Error. Error shall mean any failure of the Products to conform to the Documentation.
Error. A malfunction in the UK Core Software which degrades the use of the UK Core Software, or a failure of the UK Core Software or an omission, defect or deficiency in the UK Core Software, causing it not to conform to the Software Materials.
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