Full Value Award

Example Definitions of "Full Value Award"
Full Value Award. Any Award under which a Holder may be issued shares of Common Stock without the Holder tendering consideration therefor in the form of Common Stock or cash at least equal to the Fair Market Value at the date of grant of the Common Stock issuable upon exercise or maturity of the Award
Full Value Award. Any Award under this Plan that is not an Option grant or a SAR grant.
Full Value Award. Awards other than Options, SARs, or other Awards for which the Participant pays the grant date intrinsic value directly or by forgoing a right to receive a cash payment from the Company
Full Value Award. Full Value Award means an Award other than in the form of an Option or Stock Appreciation Right, and which is settled by the issuance of shares of Stock.
Full Value Award. A grant of a Restricted Unit, Phantom Unit, Other Unit-Based Award or any or all of them
Full Value Award. A grant of Restricted Stock, a Restricted Stock Unit, a Performance Award, a Share Award or any or all of them
Full Value Award. Restricted Stock, Restricted Stock Units, Performance Shares, Performance Units (valued in relation to a Share), Deferred Stock Rights and any other similar Award under which the value of the Award is measured as the full value of a Share, rather than the increase in the value of a Share.
Full Value Award. Any Award, other than an Option, which Award is settled in Stock
Full Value Award. Shall mean an Award, other than an Award for Options or Stock Appreciation Rights, that is settled in Shares.
Full Value Award. Any Award of Shares under this Plan or an Award payable in Shares, other than an Option or a Stock Appreciation Right.
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