Full Value Award

Example Definitions of "Full Value Award"
Full Value Award. Any Award under the Plan other than an Option or a Stock Appreciation Right
Full Value Award. A Stock Award that does not require, for issuance of the underlying share, the payment by the Participant of an exercise or strike price (beyond payment of par value, as applicable), i.e., a Stock Award the value of which is measured by something other than the appreciation of the share of Stock above the Fair Market Value per share of Stock determined on the date of grant of the Award.
Full Value Award. An Award other than an Option Award or Stock Appreciation Right Award, and, for purposes of Section 4, includes an award under the Prior Plan that is neither an option award nor a stock appreciation right award
Full Value Award. Any Award settled in shares of Common Stock, other than (i) an Option, (ii) a Stock Appreciation Right, (iii) an Other Stock-Based Award under which the Company will receive monetary consideration equal to the Fair Market Value on the date of grant of the shares subject to such Award, or (iv) an Other Stock-Based Award based solely on appreciation in the Fair Market Value of the Common Stock
Full Value Award. Any Award other than an Option
Full Value Award. An Incentive Award other than in the form of an Option or Stock Appreciation Right, and which is settled by the issuance of shares of Common Stock.
Full Value Award. Means (i) a Prior Plan Award or (ii) an Award, in each case that is not an Appreciation Award.
Full Value Award. Any Stock Incentive that is settled in shares of Common Stock other than: (a) an Option, (b) a SAR or (c) any other Stock Incentive for which the Key Person pays the intrinsic value existing as of the date of grant (whether directly or by forgoing a right to receive a payment from the Company or any Subsidiary).
Full Value Award. Any Award which results in the issuance of Shares other than Options, Stock Appreciation Rights or other Awards that are based solely on an increase in value of the Shares following the grant date
Full Value Award. Means the grant of one or more shares of Stock or a right to receive one or more shares of Stock (or cash based on the value of Stock) in the future (including restricted stock, restricted stock units, performance shares, and performance units)
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