Licensed Trademarks

Example Definitions of "Licensed Trademarks"
Licensed Trademarks. Means the trademarks of Licensor set forth on Exhibit B, as amended from time to time by mutual agreement of Licensor and Licensee.
Licensed Trademarks. The "Koss" trademarks listed on Exhibit A to this Agreement.
Licensed Trademarks. Means the AccurayTM, the Accuray logo, and the RobocouchTM trademarks.
Licensed Trademarks. All business names, trade names, logos, common law trademarks and service trademarks, trademark and service mark registrations and applications therefor as set forth on Exhibit C
Licensed Trademarks. The mark INTELIMER, including all registered and common law rights thereto and goodwill associated therewith, and any foreign equivalent or representation thereof where Landec has the rights to such mark. Exhibit C sets forth the territories in which the mark is currently registered
Licensed Trademarks. The trademarks, service marks, trade dress, logos, icons and other indicia designated in the Guidelines or otherwise for use on, in or otherwise in connection with Licensed Products. The Licensed Trademarks (or any part thereof) are subject to change during the term of this Agreement and may be modified, supplemented or amended by any Affiliate (as applicable) from time to time upon reasonable notice to Publisher.
Licensed Trademarks. The trademarks, service marks, trade dress, logos and other icons or indicia designated by SCEA in the PSP SourceBook or other Guidelines for use on or in connection with Licensed PSP Products. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall in any way grant Publisher the right to use the trademark "Sony" in any manner. SCEA may amend such Licensed Trademarks from time to time in the PSP SourceBook or other Guidelines or upon written notice to Publisher.
Licensed Trademarks. APIL's trademarks (i) NanoCrystal®, (ii) SODAS®, (iii) CODAS® and (iv) BeadTekTM, application and registration details for which, as of the Effective Date, are set out in Exhibit B-2 hereto.
Licensed Trademarks. Means those trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos identified on Exhibit A attached hereto.
Licensed Trademarks. Means the registered trademarks in the Territory as listed in Annex A, including all goodwill associated therewith.
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