Licensed Trademarks

Example Definitions of "Licensed Trademarks"
Licensed Trademarks. Collectively, the trademarks "LILLY" and "ELI LILLY AND COMPANY" (including all word, logo and design versions thereof), to the extent used on or in connection with the Products or the Animal Health Business as of the Effective Date, as shown in Schedule A.
Licensed Trademarks. The Trademarks set forth in Schedule 1 (Licensed Trademarks).
Licensed Trademarks. All trademarks, brand-names, trade names, DBAs, service marks, slogans, labels, logos and other trade identifying symbols, with respect to the Field of Use, and which are owned or controlled by Licensor as of the Effective Date, and which are listed on Exhibit D hereto
Licensed Trademarks. Means the Trademarks included within the Licensed Property.
Licensed Trademarks. Means the Arizona Licensed Trademarks, the Diamond Licensed Trademarks and the Phase-Out Marks.
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