Example Definitions of "Licensee"
Licensee. Any Third Party who has obtained a license to sell ACADIA Products from ACADIA.
Licensee. Any entity to whom NUEP grants a licence on behalf of Net 1 to use the Patent in any country within the Territory
Licensee. Has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1, but shall only include wholly-owned subsidiaries of Dealix or Cobalt during the time they are wholly-owned by Dealix or Cobalt.
Licensee. The Board of Trade of the City of Chicago, Inc.
Licensee. The company named above, and includes any entity or entities of which the Licensee owns greater than 50% voting stock ("Affiliate" or "Affiliates")
Licensee. A third party to whom VI has granted a license or other right under the FSD IP to make, have made, import, have imported, export, have exported, distribute, have distributed, sell, have sold, use, or offer for sale Products
Licensee. The Party receiving the applicable license rights granted to such Party by the Licensor hereunder.
Licensee. Has the meaning given in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
Licensee. Advanced Inhalation Research, Inc. and its AFFILIATES.
Licensee. Clyra Medical Technologies, Inc., California corporation number C3477029, originally formed as "BioLargo Medical Group, Inc."
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