Example Definitions of "Licensee"
Licensee. Viventia Bio and its Affiliates
Licensee. Watermark Group Inc. Inc. and its AFFILIATES and any other person or entity that becomes a successor in interest to, purchases, merges with, assumes control of, or becomes an assignee of LICENSEE.
Licensee. Any licensee or optionee to a License Agreement.
Licensee. Any non-Affiliate third party granted (a) a license by Parent or its Affiliates under the Company IP to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale, or import tazemetostat, or (b) a right to distribute tazemetostat, but shall exclude any (i) third party distributor of tazemetostat that has no royalty or other payment obligations to any Parent or any of its Affiliates that are calculated based on amounts invoiced or received by such third party for sales of tazemetostat and (ii) third party... distributor of tazemetostat that (x) does not take title to tazemetostat, (y) does not invoice tazemetostat sales to third party customers and (z) is responsible only for inventory management and distribution with respect tazemetostat on behalf of Parent or its Affiliates. For the avoidance of doubt, a distributor that agrees to engage in material commercialization activities with respect to tazemetostat in exchange for discounts that are not made generally available to other distributors shall be deemed to be a Licensee. View More
Licensee. Means any Third Party to which Payor or its Affiliate has granted a license to commercialize Products in the United States.
Licensee. Each of SpinCo and the other members of the SpinCo Group.
Licensee. Means the OceanTeton Entity, except that prior to the Assignment Effective Date, the Licensee shall be OBM.
Licensee. A Third Party to whom the Company grants a license to use and/or distribute in any way any of the Inventions and/or any Intellectual Property Right.
Licensee. GT Gain Therapeutics and any Affiliate entity
Licensee. Is defined in the Preamble above.
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