Example Definitions of "Obligor"
Obligor. Means each Person who is indebted under an MH Contract.
Obligor. Debtor
Obligor. Means any person, firm, corporation or other entity which is primarily, or secondarily liable by way of guaranty, endorsement or otherwise, of all or any part of the Obligations.
Obligor. Each Borrower and any guarantor, surety, co-signer, general partner or other Person who may now or hereafter be obligated to pay all or any part of the Liabilities.
Obligor. Borrower and each other party primarily or secondarily liable on any note or any other Liabilities.
Obligor. Individually, Nationwide Life Insurance Company and each of the Subsidiaries that is or becomes a party hereto.
Obligor. Individually and collectively Borrower, Guarantor and any surety of this Note, any entity who is primarily or secondarily liable for the repayment of this Note or any portion thereof (including without limitation, Holdings), any entity who has granted security for the repayment of the Note, together with such entity's successors and assigns
Obligor. Has the meaning specified in the Preamble.
Obligor. A borrower, mortgagor or guarantor under a Loan or other Person who owes payments or provides security under a Loan
Obligor. Shall mean, each individually and all collectively, each US Obligor, Evolving Systems Limited, Evolving Systems Holdings Limited and all guarantors of the Senior Debt or, if applicable, the Junior Debt (it being understood that there is no requirement under the Junior Debt Documents that any Person guarantee the Junior Debt).
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