Example Definitions of "Obligor"
Obligor. Borrower and any guarantor, co-maker, endorser, or any Person other than Borrower providing security for this Note under any security agreement, guaranty or other agreement between Bank and such guarantor, co-maker, endorser or Person, including their successors and assigns.
Obligor. EVance, or its successors, indorsees, transferees and permitted assigns or any Person that is or becomes obligated to any Lender or all of the Lenders under the Notes, the Restated Notes and/or the Loan Agreement by assignment, assumption, transfer or otherwise.
Obligor. Borrower, any other guarantor, accommodation endorser, third party pledgor, or any other party liable with respect to the Obligations.
Obligor. Each of the Payor, North Jackson and Dunkirk and any other Person that is joined by supplement to any Note Document
Obligor. Any Person obligated with respect to any of the Collateral, whether as a party to a contract, an account debtor or otherwise
Obligor. The meaning set forth in the Preamble
Obligor. Any Person that, or any of whose property, is or shall be obligated on the Secured Obligations or any part thereof in any manner and includes, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Borrower, any Guarantor or any Guarantor of Payment, and any other co-maker, endorser, guarantor of payment, subordinating creditor, assignor, grantor of a security interest, pledgor, mortgagor or any hypothecator of property, if any.
Obligor. Each of the Borrower, the Borrower's direct and indirect subsidiaries and any other Person that now or hereafter is, or whose assets now or hereafter are, liable for all or any portion of the Senior Debt
Obligor. Is defined in the preamble.
Obligor. Each Borrower, maker, guarantor, endorser, and surety of all or any portion of this Note
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