Example Definitions of "Order"
Order. Has the meaning set forth in Schedule B, paragraph 3 below.
Order. Any judgment, order, writ, decree, award, directive, ruling or decision of any Governmental Authority
Order. Shall mean any order for the lease of a Container to be transported by FedEx or its Affiliates hereunder, and (if requested) Related Goods and Services, placed in accordance with Section 4.
Order. Any order, judgment, injunction, ruling, determination, decision, opinion, sentence, subpoena, writ or award issued, made, entered or rendered by any arbitrator, court, administrative agency or other Governmental Authority with jurisdiction
Order. Any judgment, order, writ, judgment, injunction, or decree of any court or other Governmental Authority.
Order. An purchase order issued by Xtera and binding on Xtera for acceptance by NSGT for the Product to be manufactured and supplied by NSGT, which includes the Product price, quantity, delivery date and other items related thereto pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof.
Order. Means an agreement entered into under the Master Agreement, pursuant to which the Buyer will purchase standard Products and Services from the Seller. An Order will include any Supporting Materials.
Order. Means any order, writ, injunction, ruling, decree, judgment, award, injunction, settlement or stipulation issued, promulgated, made, rendered or entered into by or with any Governmental Entity (in each case, whether temporary, preliminary or permanent)
Order. Any judgment, writ, decree, stipulation, determination, decision, award, rule, preliminary or permanent injunction, temporary restraining order or other order of any Governmental Entity.
Order. Any order, writ, judgment, injunction, decree, determination or award
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