Example Definitions of "Order"
Order. Means, with respect to any Person, any order, injunction, judgment, decision, determination, award, writ, ruling, stipulation, assessment or decree or other similar requirement of, or entered, enacted, adopted, promulgated or applied by, with or under the supervision of, a Governmental Authority or arbitrator, in each such case, that is binding upon or applicable to such Person or its subsidiaries or its or their respective properties, assets or businesses.
Order. Any order, injunction, judgment, decree, ruling, writ, assessment or arbitration award
Order. Any written or electronic purchase order for Merchandise issued by Company through an Authorized Buyer
Order. Any award, injunction, judgment, decree, stay, order, ruling, subpoena or verdict, or other decision entered, issued or rendered by any Governmental Authority.
Order. Means any order, injunction, judgment, decree, ruling, assessment or arbitration award of any government authority or arbitrator.
Order. An instruction from Cisco or the Authorized Purchaser to the Supplier to ship Product directly to Cisco or the Authorized Purchaser, or to another specified location, such as a Cisco hub. Such instruction may take one of the following forms: discrete purchase orders (manual or electronic), electronic data interchange releases against blanket purchase orders, or any other method agreed to between Authorized Purchaser and Supplier or Cisco and Supplier.
Order. A written purchase order for Products to be purchased by the Reseller
Order. Any assessment, award, decision, injunction, judgment, order, ruling, verdict or writ entered, issued, made, or rendered by any court, administrative agency, or other Governmental Authority or by any arbitrator
Order. Shall mean any order, judgment, preliminary or permanent injunction, temporary restraining order, award, citation, decree, consent decree or writ of any Governmental Authority.
Order. Means any writ, decree, order, judgment, injunction, rule, ruling, or consent decree of or by a Governmental Authority.
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