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Participating Company. Any Irish resident company under the Control of Analog Devices BV
Participating Company. Shall mean (i) the Company, and (ii) any present or future parent and/or subsidiary corporation of the Company while such corporation is a parent or subsidiary of the Company. For purposes of this Agreement, a parent corporation and a subsidiary corporation shall be as defined in Sections 424(e) and 424(f) of the Code.
Participating Company. The Company and subsidiaries of the Company, within the meaning of section 424(f) of the Code, authorized from time to time by the Board to extend the benefits of the Plan to their Eligible Employees. Each Participating Company in the Plan is listed in the attached Schedule A.
Participating Company. Shall mean, with respect to an Offering Period, the Company and any of its Affiliates if so designated by the Plan Administrator prior to an Offering Period. If the Plan Administrator designates the Company or any of its Affiliates as a Participating Employer for an Offering Period, such entity shall remain a Participating Employer for all subsequent Offering Periods until the Plan Administrator determines otherwise.
Participating Company. The term "Participating Company" means any Subsidiary which has been designated as a Participating Company for purposes of the Plan by the Company or the Committee. A Participating Company shall cease to be a Participating Company on the date specified by the Company or the Committee. Participating Companies as of the Effective Date (including any Non-U.S. Participating Companies) are listed in Appendix A to the Plan.
Participating Company. The Company and any subsidiary of the Company
Participating Company. Each Eligible Employer whose employees' Compensation is administered under the Company's common payroll system, other than such an Eligible Employer that is designated by the Board or Committee as an excluded Eligible Employer, provided that the Board or Committee may designate an Eligible Employer whose employees' Compensation is not administered under the Company's common payroll system as a Participating Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board or the Committee may delegate its... authority to designate or exclude an Eligible Employer as a Participating Company under this Paragraph 2(w) to an officer of the Company or committee of two or more officers of the Company View More
Participating Company. Means (i) the Company and (ii) each present or future Subsidiary designated by the Committee as a Participating Company.
Participating Company. The Company or any Affiliate
Participating Company. Means any Parent, Subsidiary or Affiliate, whether now existing or existing in the future, that has been designated by the Committee from time to time in its sole discretion as eligible to participate in the Global ESPP in either a Section 423 Offering or a Non-Section 423 Offering. For purposes of a Section 423 Offering, only the Company and any Parent or Subsidiary may be Participating Companies.
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