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Participating Employer. Shall mean any Affiliate which has adopted the Plan by action of its board of directors and is approved by the Board.
Participating Employer. An Affiliate that has joined the Plan pursuant to a written joinder agreement acceptable to and approved by the Board. Such an agreement shall provide that for purposes of computing a Participant's Years of Service, credit shall be given for the Participant's service with the Participating Employer and its predecessors
Participating Employer. The Company and such Company Affiliates as may be authorized from time to time by the Board to extend the benefits of the Plan to their Eligible Employees
Participating Employer. The Company and any affiliated entity which is designated as such by the Committee
Participating Employer. The Company and each Subsidiary which the Committee authorizes to participate in the Plan, which include without limitation those Subsidiaries specified in Section 17 hereof. Subsidiary is defined under the 2008 Equity Plan to include all direct and indirect 80% subsidiaries
Participating Employer. A direct or indirect subsidiary of the Company (i) listed on Schedule A, attached hereto, which may change from time to time to reflect new Participating Employers or withdrawing Participating Employers, and (ii) approved by the Plan Sponsor for participation in the Plan.
Participating Employer. The Employer and any other Affiliated Company which has, with the consent of the Administrator, adopted this Plan as a deferred compensation program for one or more of its Eligible Employees
Participating Employer. The Company or any Related Corporation designated by the Committee to participate in the Plan as of an Entry Date.
Participating Employer. Boston Properties, Boston Properties Limited Partnership, BP Management, L.P., Boston Properties Management, Inc., and any organization owned in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by Boston Properties which is designated as such by the Committee.
Participating Employer. The Sponsor and any Affiliate
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