Example Definitions of "Seller"
Seller. 1920 East Maple LLC, a Delaware limited liability company c/o Burges Property Company 12230 El Camino Real, Suite 320 San Diego, CA 92130
Seller. The meaning ascribed thereto in the Purchase Agreement
Seller. The meaning assigned by the introduction
Seller. The meaning given such term in the preamble to this Agreement, together with any permitted successors and assigns.
Seller. The meaning set forth in the preamble to this CMA
Seller. Shall mean PORMA APS, CVR-No. 34 58 35 87, Christians Brygge 24, 1559 KĂžbenhavn V, Denmark.
Seller. Johnny Bolton
Seller. PalliaTech, Inc.
Seller. The Seller
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