Example Definitions of "Seller"
Seller. Any Initial Stockholder proposing to Transfer Stock.
Seller. Any Series A-1 Stockholder proposing to Transfer Stock.
Seller. ChromaDex, Inc., and its successors and assigns
Seller. Means either Party or an Affiliate thereof in its capacity as a seller of its Products and Services to the other Party, or an Affiliate of the other Party, under the Master Agreement.
Seller. Has the meaning defined in the Preamble.
Seller. Pernix Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation with its offices at 151 E. 22nd Street, Lombard, Illinois 60148, United States.
Seller. Tower Jackson, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company
Seller. 3100 Creekside Investors, LLC
Seller. Winchester Distribution, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company
Seller. Mills Road, LLC
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