Senior Lender

Example Definitions of "Senior Lender"
Senior Lender. The meaning as set forth in the Securities Purchase Agreement.
Senior Lender. Rosenthal and Rosenthal, Inc., a New York corporation.
Senior Lender. Comerica Bank (together with its successors and assigns) or any other lender under any credit agreement entered into by the Maker and/or one or more of its subsidiaries in replacement of the Senior Credit Agreement
Senior Lender. Any holders of Company Senior Debt.
Senior Lender. Shall mean the bank or other financing entity or facility providing the financing for the purchase of the Purchased Shares, and operating lines of credit, equipment financing and other asset based lending to the Company.
Senior Lender. Solely on and after the Senior Loan Documents have been executed and are in effect with the consent of the Holder, Alterna Capital Solutions, LLC, a Florida limited liability company
Senior Lender. Element
Senior Lender. Shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the first paragraph of this Agreement.
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