Example Definitions of "SOW"
SOW. Or "Statement of Work" means a written statement of work referencing this Agreement, substantially in the form attached hereto as Appendix B, for the performance of Services by Cognate under this Agreement (as the same may be amended by the parties pursuant to a Change Order or other written agreement).
SOW. A written order for professional services signed by authorized representatives of both parties expressly referencing this Agreement that is substantially in the form attached to the Professional Services Addendum as Exhibit A
SOW. Means an agreed-upon scope of work that the Parties enter into from time to time that defines the Services to be performed under that scope of work, as amended by one or more Change Orders. A proposal for services becomes a scope of work when it is signed by both Parties. An SOW may also contain the Specifications or other acceptance criteria agreed to by the Parties.
SOW. The statement of work for each Product set forth in all Build Schedules.
SOW. Means a fully-signed statement of work, specifying the Services and Deliverables under this Agreement, in the form attached as Attachment A.
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