Example Definitions of "Specifications"
Specifications. The specifications for the Batteries contained in Schedule 3.
Specifications. The bill of materials, Product documentation, schematics, assembly drawings, designs, test specifications, current revision number, approved vendor list and other manufacturing information for each Product as set forth in the applicable Product Schedules
Specifications. The specifications for the raw materials and packaging materials used in the manufacture and/or packaging of the Product and the specifications for the manufacture, processing and packaging of the Product, including all formula, know-how, materials requirements, standards of quality control, quality assurance and sanitation, as as soley determined by EUCODIS in Phase II and mutually agreed upon in writing by MDI and Eucodis after Phase III.
Specifications. Means the regulatory, manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance procedures, processes, practices, standards, instructions and any other attributes that the Parties agree upon, or that are otherwise required, in connection with the manufacture of the Product, as may be amended by the Parties from time to time. A complete copy of the Specifications, as agreed by the Parties, is attached hereto as Exhibit B.
Specifications. The specifications for each of the AFECTAIR Devices as set forth in each Purchase Order and as described in Section 12.1.
Specifications. The standard Documentation for the Product specified on Exhibit A as delivered by Vendor
Specifications. As set forth in Exhibit B.
Specifications. (a) functional specifications, (b) technical specifications, and (c) standard operating procedures and associated documentation, as applicable, relating to the manufacture of PRODUCTS and attached hereto as Schedule B.
Specifications. The specifications for the ParkerVision RF Components, such specifications to be jointly developed by the parties pursuant to an SOW, executed by both parties, and attached as an Exhibit to an SOW
Specifications. The specifications and the quality control testing procedures for each of the Products, as set forth in the Quality Agreement, or as otherwise agreed to by the Parties in writing.
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