Example Definitions of "Stockholders"
Stockholders. (i) each Initial Stockholder and, in each case, (ii) each Affiliated Stockholder, and (iii) each Permitted Transferee, in any case, if and as long as such Person owns any Registrable Securities.
Stockholders. Means any holder of Shares that is a party to this Agreement which, for the avoidance of doubt, shall exclude the Managers and West Health (formerly the Gary and Mary West Wireless Health Institute) after the effectiveness of this Agreement.
Stockholders. The registered holders of the Company's Securities.
Stockholders. All of the Stockholders of the Company.
Stockholders. Means (i) the Purchasers, (ii) the Existing Preferred Stockholders, (iii) other than for the purposes of Section 2.1, the Common Stockholders and (iv) any persons or entities to which the rights granted under this Agreement are transferred by any Purchaser or Existing Preferred Stockholder, or their successors or assigns.
Stockholders. Those Persons who own shares of Mid-Tier Holding Company Common Stock.
Stockholders. Means, collectively, the Investors and the Major Holders.
Stockholders. Has the meaning set forth in the preamble. Each of the Stockholders shall be referred to as a Stockholder.
Stockholders. All holders of capital stock of the Corporation
Stockholders. The meaning set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.
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