Example Definitions of "Subcontractor"
Subcontractor. A third party (other than an IP Provider) who provides services to a party in furtherance or fulfillment of its obligations to the other party under this Agreement.
Subcontractor. Shall mean a Third Person to whom either party hereto has delegated responsibilities under this Agreement.
Subcontractor. Any subcontractor used by NSGT to perform Services hereunder.
Subcontractor. Customer's subassembly contractors or other subcontractors; Subcontractor does not include any buyer, licensee or other transferee of Customer or Customer's assets, including without limitation a successor, assignee or transferee under a Customer Sale or Product/Service Transfer as defined in Section 22
Subcontractor. Any third party authorized by Service Provider to which Service Provider discloses or allows access to EIG Confidential Information.
Subcontractor. Any party that enters into an agreement with BCCK and provides any Equipment or performs any work or services in furtherance of BCCK's obligations under this Agreement and all direct and indirect subcontractors of such party at all levels, including material men and suppliers
Subcontractor. Means with respect to Heska, each Permitted Laboratory, Related Distributor/User or a Third Party Distributor/User.
Subcontractor. Any Person (other than a Party or an Affiliate of a Party) engaged by a Party (or its Affiliate) to perform any Service obligation or Expense Activity of such Party hereunder
Subcontractor. A third party engaged by Company to perform its obligations under this Agreement on behalf of Company. For the avoidance of doubt, a third party engaged by Company in the business of fabricating components is not a Subcontractor as defined in this Section 1.14. Sonim agrees that Company may designate its Affiliates to perform Company's certain obligations under this Agreement and to receive payment(s), including NRE fees, from Sonim for the Services rendered or to be rendered
Subcontractor. A third party that Retailer has entered into a contract with (whether written or otherwise) to perform at least some of its obligations under this Agreement
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