Example Definitions of "Updates"
Updates. Any modifications, enhancements, patches, bug fixes, releases, versions or other updates or upgrades to the PW Software generally provided to the customers of PW at no additional cost
Updates. Shall mean all updates, upgrades, revisions and new versions of the software code developed by CSHS which result from problem corrections of the Technology and Improvements to the Technology.
Updates. Interim Unity Source Code and Unity Object Code, as applicable, software releases and error correction releases of the Unity Product, or parts thereof, which fix or correct known problems, but which do not provide the substantial feature enhancements which would be included in an upgrade or new version of the Unity Product (e.g., going from v. 4.0 to 4.1 or adding a software patch or bug fix that does not change the version number).
Updates. Means any patches, work arounds, bug fixes, error corrections, minor modifications or enhancements, and other changes to the LMF Software.
Updates. Any subsequent releases of the Software that Viggle makes generally available to its customers that receive Support Services at no additional license fee from time to time and that is intended to replace a prior Software release. Updates shall not include any future products which Viggle licenses separately
Updates. Subsequent versions of the Supported Software that Aegis Identity, in its sole discretion, designates as an Update that (i) add new features, functionality, and/or improved performance, (ii) operate on new or other databases, operating systems, or client or server platforms; or (b) Error Corrections, bug fixes, patches and maintenance releases
Updates. Software releases and error correction releases of the Unity Product, or parts thereof, which fix or correct known problems and may provide new functionality or features.
Updates. Modifications, bug fixes, or updates to Software that Kymeta makes generally commercially available
Updates. Any improvements, enhancements, updates, fixes, and other changes to the Licensed Technology which Epic chooses to make available to its licensees of the Unreal Engine and which are not marketed as separate stand-alone programs
Updates. Generally available updates, enhancements or modifications to the then-current, general release version of the Subscription Software that are not separately priced or licensed as new products
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