Example Definitions of "Contracts"
Contracts. 1.29 "Contracts"
Contracts. Means all contracts, undertakings, franchise agreements or other agreements in or under which Debtor now holds or hereafter acquires any right, title or interest, including, without limitation, with respect to an Account, any agreement relating to the terms of payment or the terms of performance thereof.
Contracts. Means any agreement, contract, consensual obligation, promise or undertaking (whether written or oral and whether express or implied), whether or not legally binding.
Contracts. Shall mean, all right, title and interest of Debtor in, to and under, or derived from, any and all sale, service, performance and equipment lease contracts (whether written or oral), and any other contract (whether written or oral), between Debtor and third parties.
Contracts. All contracts, agreements and obligations currently in force relating to the Purchased Assets, including, without limitation, all sale, management, construction, insurance, commission, architectural, engineering, operating, employment, service, supply and maintenance agreements
Contracts. Any and all brokerage agreements related to the Subleases, service contracts, collective bargaining agreements and union contracts (but only with respect to personnel employed at the Property), to which the Property or any portion thereof or Owner may be subject, construction contracts, licenses and permits for the use of any trademarked or copyrighted material, and all other agreements affecting any portion of the Property, which have not been terminated prior to the Closing
Contracts. All contracts that constitute part of the Properties or by which the Properties are bound or subject, as set forth on Exhibit 2
Contracts. Equipment leases relating to telephone switches and voice mail and other equipment leases related to the Project and which are to survive the Closing
Contracts. Contracts, leases, indentures, agreements, purchase orders and all other legally binding arrangements, whether in existence on the date hereof or subsequently entered into, including all amendments thereto
Contracts. Any of the agreements, contracts, leases, powers of attorney, notes, loans, evidence of indebtedness, purchase orders, letters of credit, settlement agreements, franchise agreements, covenants not to compete, employment agreements, licenses, instruments, obligations, commitments, understandings, purchase and sales orders, quotations and other executory commitments to which any company is a party or to which any of the assets of the companies are subject, whether oral or written, express or... implied View More
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