Example Definitions of "Contracts"
Contracts. Means the separate contracts between the Debtor and third parties (including without limitation its customers), as the same may from time to time be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified, including, without limitation, (a) all rights of the Debtor to receive moneys due and to become due to it thereunder or in connection therewith, (b) all rights of the Debtor to damages arising out of, or for, breach or default in respect thereof and (c) all rights of the Debtor to perform and to exercise... all remedies thereunder; but excluding any contracts, the assignment or hypothecation of which, for collateral purposes, would result in a default or require, or cause, a forfeiture or permit a revocation of material rights under such contract. View More
Contracts. Shall have the same respective meanings as are given to those terms in the UCC as presently in effect in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if not otherwise defined in this Agreement.
Contracts. Means all contracts, agreements, options, leases, licenses, sales and accepted purchase orders, commitments and other instruments of any kind, whether written or oral, to which the Company is a party on the Closing Date, including the Scheduled Contracts.
Contracts. Shall mean any indentures, indebtedness, contracts, leases, agreements, instruments, licenses, undertakings and other commitments, whether written or oral.
Contracts. All written contracts, leases, deeds, mortgages, licenses, instruments, notes, commitments, undertakings, indentures, joint ventures
Contracts. All written or oral contracts, agreements, leases, licenses, commitments (including outstanding bids and proposals), sales and purchase orders, and any other legally binding arrangement
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