Example Definitions of "Contracts"
Contracts. All contracts, agreements, licenses, supply contracts, purchase orders, sales orders, and other instruments, commitments, obligations, arrangements or understandings, whether written or oral
Contracts. All of the General Contracts, the Real Property Leases and the Personal Property Leases.
Contracts. The agreements identified under Schedule 3(i)
Contracts. All contracts, commitments, agreements (including agreements for the borrowing of money or the extension of credit), leases or licenses to which any company is a party or by which any company is bound.
Contracts. The contracts listed on the attached Schedule 1-1.
Contracts. All service agreements (including utility services and supply agreements), permits and licenses, operating agreements, maintenance, training, operational and procedural manuals, leases and contract rights, choses in action or causes of action or claims in each case as to all of the foregoing with respect to the Equipment, the Mill, the Intellectual Property or the performance of Titanium Conversion Services, documents which evidence rights to Equipment, Intellectual Property or any portion of... the Mill, guaranty or warranty claims with respect to Equipment, Intellectual Property or the Mill, and the Proceeds of all of the foregoing, other than the Transaction Documents View More
Contracts. Means all of the equipment leases, space leases, vehicle leases, tenant leases, machinery leases, service contracts and other agreements to which Parent or Owner is a party and relate to the operation of the Real Property or the business conducted thereon, together with all amendments and supplements thereto, including, without limitation, the Management Agreement, the Other Management Agreements, the Environmental Indemnity and the Integration Agreement, and which are listed on Schedule 1.
Contracts. All of the right, title, and interest of all contracts, agreements, letter agreements, purchase orders, licenses, permits and any other contractual rights now or at any time hereafter existing and all amendments, supplements to and extensions and renewals of any such contracts.
Contracts. Shall mean all contracts and other agreements any Company and any other Person, as the same may from time to time be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified, including, without limitation, (a) all rights of any Company to receive moneys due and to become due to it thereunder or in connection therewith, (b) all rights of any Company to damages arising out of, or for, breach or default in respect thereof and (c) all rights of any Company to perform and to exercise all remedies thereunder.
Contracts. Means all contracts and agreements to which Seller is a party and which relate to the operation of the Business and which will be assigned or otherwise transferred to Buyer, including, without limitation, Intellectual Property licenses, leases, contracts and agreements with customers, vendors, suppliers and providers of Software and equipment maintenance services, as more particularly described in Schedule 1.7.
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