Example Definitions of "Facility"
Facility. Means West's manufacturing plant located at Scottsdale, AZ or any other manufacturing plant mutually agreed to by the parties to be used by West to manufacture the Product
Facility. (a) the primary Manufacturing facility of Hovione located in [***], (b) any secondary Manufacturing facility established by Hovione at the request of Customer pursuant to Section 3.1 (each of which may be referred to in the Agreement as a "Site"), and (c) [***].
Facility. Means Cytovance's laboratory and manufacturing facilities located in Oklahoma City.
Facility. Means Lonza's manufacturing facilities in Visp and/or Basel Switzerland, or such other facility as may be agreed upon by the Parties.
Facility. SUPPLIER's or its Approved Subcontractor's Manufacturing facility(-ies), located at: 1300 Gould Drive, Gainesville, GA 30504, USA and such other facilities as may be approved in writing by NOVARTIS from time to time in accordance with this Agreement and the Quality Agreement.
Facility. Has the meaning given to it in Clause 2 hereof.
Facility. Means the Catalent manufacturing facility located at 1300 South Patterson Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47403.
Facility. Any of the facilities and non-dedicated equipment therein utilized by Vetter International for the Manufacture of the Product, either located in or near Ravensburg, Germany, Langenargen, Germany, or Skokie, Illinois, USA.
Facility. 1551 Eastlake Avenue East, Suite 200, Seattle, Washington 98102, or such other facilty as agreed to in writing by the Parties in a mutually signed written amendment to these Terms
Facility. Means the facility made available under this Agreement as described in Clause 2.1;
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