Example Definitions of "Holders"
Holders. The holders of Registrable Securities.
Holders. The Persons who own of record or Beneficially own any Security and who are parties to this Agreement.
Holders. Means the Investors or any of their respective affiliates or permitted transferees to the extent any of them are permitted to hold Registrable Securities, other than those purchasing Registrable Securities in a market transaction.
Holders. The Investors or any of their respective affiliates or permitted transferees.
Holders. The Purchaser and the Other Holders and any persons to whom the rights granted under this Agreement are transferred pursuant to Section 3
Holders. Means the C/H/J Holders, the JAII Holders, and any other Shareholder, or Permitted Transferee thereof, holding Registrable Securities.
Holders. Shall mean each of the Initial Holders for so long as it owns any Registrable Securities and such of its respective heirs, successors and permitted assigns (including any permitted transferees of Registrable Securities) who acquire or are otherwise the transferee of Registrable Securities, directly or indirectly, from such Initial Holder (or any subsequent Holder), for so long as such heirs, successors and permitted assigns own any Registrable Securities. For purposes of this Agreement, a... Person will be deemed to be a Holder whenever such Person holds Registrable Securities, an option to purchase, or a security convertible into or exercisable or exchangeable for, Registrable Securities, whether or not such purchase, conversion, exercise or exchange has actually been effected and disregarding any legal restrictions upon the exercise of such rights. Registrable Securities issuable upon exercise of an option or upon conversion, exchange or exercise of another security shall be deemed outstanding for the purposes of this Agreement. View More
Holders. Purdue together with any holders of Registrable Securities that becomes a party hereto pursuant to 7(c) hereof
Holders. The New Investors and the Prior Investors
Holders. Shall mean the holders of the outstanding Securities.
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