Example Definitions of "Invention"
Invention. Any invention, discovery, composition, enhancement, technology, data or information (whether or not patentable) made or conceived by employees or others on behalf of AVID, HALOZYME or both in the performance of this Agreement.
Invention. And includes any invention, improvement, idea, creation, concept, know-how, trade secret or discovery deriving from the COLLABORATION, whether patentable or not.
Invention. Means the invention, idea, creation or other which may be filed as Industrial Property Right.
Invention. Means any invention, design, process, system, improvement, development or discovery or any technical specifications, know-how or information or other intellectual property relating thereto.
Invention. Any invention, discovery or improvement (including, without limitation, any technology, test, concept, idea, operation, product, process, method, formula, computer program or flowchart or software or firmware, data bases, technique or improvement thereof), whether or not related to a service or product of UEI being sold, developed or considered and whether or not patentable, and all know-how related thereto.
Invention. The term "Invention" is defined in Recital A above.
Invention. An invention conceived and reduced to practice in the course of the performance of and within the scope of this Agreement.
Invention. 1.7
Invention. 1.7
Invention. Means any invention, discovery, innovation, improvement, trade secret, work of authorship, product or process, whether or not patentable, that is discovered, first conceived, made, developed, or reduced to practice as a result of the activities undertaken in connection with the performance of Services.
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