Quality Agreement

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Quality Agreement. Means the document developed, approved, and updated between CyDex and Company that sets forth the quality expectations, responsibilities, rights (including, as applicable and agreed upon, audit requirements) and requirements relating to the manufacture and supply of Captisol. Such agreement may be amended from time to time by written agreement between the Parties.
Quality Agreement. A written document outlining the responsibilities, roles, deliverables and time requirements with respect to the quality assurance of the Bulk Drug Substance and/or intermediaries thereof produced by COOK for CLIENT. The Quality Agreement agreed by COOK and CLIENT as of the effective date is attached to this Agreement as Exhibit C and is incorporated herein by this reference.
Quality Agreement. An agreement to be entered into pursuant to Section 6.1, which provides the responsibilities of the Parties related to the quality and regulatory requirements of the Bulk Product manufactured under this Agreement
Quality Agreement. A certain Master Quality Agreement by and between Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and CAMBRIDGE, effective as of June 2, 2011. This Agreement will incorporate by reference the Quality Agreement and such Quality Agreement is made a part hereof as though fully set forth herein upon execution of such Quality Agreement by the Parties
Quality Agreement. The Contract Manufacturing Quality Agreement and the Private Label Quality Agreement of even date herewith by and among the Parties, which sets forth certain obligations of the Parties with respect to the quality and compliance of the Products
Quality Agreement. A written agreement that documents the responsibilities and quality expectations between Lilly and any internal or external collaboration partner, supplier, contract manufacturer or service.
Quality Agreement. Shall mean that certain Quality Assurance Agreement, dated of even date herewith, by and between OptiNose and Hovione, which sets forth (a) the roles and responsibilities of the Parties with respect to the quality assurance for the API and (b) how the Parties' quality operations shall interact with each other in connection with the same, and which, subject to the terms and conditions of the Entire Agreement clause in Section 13.3 hereof is incorporated by reference herein as if fully set forth... at length. View More
Quality Agreement. That particular quality agreement entered into by the parties dated December 10, 2014, as may be amended by the parties in accordance with its terms to add Production activities.
Quality Agreement. The agreement for the quality of each Product to be entered into between the Parties which shall be in the form of the template agreement set out in Annex 4 and which shall be annexed to the Specific Distribution Agreement of each Product
Quality Agreement. Means an agreement between the parties that describes the parties' quality control, technical, quality assurance and regulatory responsibilities relating to the manufacture and release of API manufactured under this Agreement.
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