Quality Agreement

Example Definitions of "Quality Agreement"
Quality Agreement. Shall be an agreement between MabVax and Gallus that shall define the quality responsibilities and activities of both Parties in relation to the manufacturing, testing, storage of the MABVAX MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local regulatory regulations and industry standards. The Parties will negotiate in good faith to have the Quality Agreement executed within sixty (60) days of the execution of this Agreement.
Quality Agreement. The standard quality agreement attached hereto as Annex A for the API and the Product, which the Parties shall enter into pursuant to Clause 10 below
Quality Agreement. Means the written Quality Agreement between the Parties dated as of December 2, 2016.
Quality Agreement. Means the quality agreement, attached hereto as Appendix C, setting out the responsibilities of the Parties in relation to quality as required for compliance with cGMP.
Quality Agreement. The document, to be agreed between the Parties in good faith on or before the Effective Date, specifying quality related details of the particular goods and services to be provided, the main contacts, reporting arrangements, allocation and limits of responsibility for the two parties, inter-alia.
Quality Agreement. The meaning set forth in the Preamble
Quality Agreement. The quality agreement executed by both Parties in connection with and prior to Services rendered pursuant to cGMP and which shall set forth quality control and quality assurance activities and responsibilities with respect to the Product. The Parties shall execute a quality agreement as soon as practical after the execution of this Agreement, but well prior to cGMP manufacturing.
Quality Agreement. This written, formalized, binding agreement between DSM Biomedical and Cardiva detailing the agreed-upon quality requirements and responsibilities for the Products and/or services, and for the quality systems and structures used to ensure quality and regulatory compliance.
Quality Agreement. A separate quality agreement signed by each of the Parties that applies to Services to be performed under cGMP requirements and sets forth the mutual responsibilities of the Parties with respect to quality assurance and cGMP guidelines applicable to Services performed by Hovione. Such responsibilities of Hovione and Customer are defined in the Quality Agreement.
Quality Agreement. Means the Quality Agreement executed by the Parties, as amended and updated by mutual approval from time to time, describing, in accordance with this Agreement, the quality assurance responsibilities and obligations of the Parties for the Manufacture of the Product.
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