Real Property

Example Definitions of "Real Property"
Real Property. Means all the land and premises owned (whether leasehold or freehold) or occupied by Seller.
Real Property. Any real property subject to a Lease
Real Property. That portion of the Project constituting real property.
Real Property. The real property and improvements thereon located as described on Schedule 4.16 and whose street address is 5150 and 5200 Sigstrom Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89706 and owned by Maxwell.
Real Property. The New Jersey Property, the Pennsylvania Property, the Improvements constructed on the New Jersey Property and the Pennsylvania Property and the Appurtenances relating thereto.
Real Property. All of any Grantor's right, title and interest in and to the owned and leased real premises identified on Schedule V hereto
Real Property. Means the land legally described in Exhibit A, together with all easements, rights-of-way, privileges, licenses and appurtenances which Owner may now own or hereafter acquire with respect thereto.
Real Property. The Land, together with all buildings, fixtures, structures, parking areas, landscaping and other improvements located thereon or therein, including all replacements or additions thereto between the Contract Date and the Closing Date made in the normal course of Seller's business and consistent with past practice and the terms of this Agreement, subject to any Casualty (as defined in Section 13 of this Agreement), and all of Seller's right, title and interest in and to all rights, privileges,... easements, and appurtenances benefiting the Land and/or the improvements. View More
Real Property. The Land and the Improvements.
Real Property. The land comprising all that certain parcel of land situated in Loudoun County, Virginia, and identified as Parcel G, Tax Map 60.
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