Secured Obligations

Example Definitions of "Secured Obligations"
Secured Obligations. All of Debtor's obligations hereunder and under the Promissory Note including without limitation to pay (i) all of the unpaid principal amount of, and the Premium and accrued interest on, the Note, and (ii) all other fees owing by Debtor, whether created under, arising out of or in connection with the Note, this Security Agreement or any other agreement entered into between Debtor and Secured Party
Secured Obligations. Shall mean the due payment, performance and observance of all of the obligations contemplated by the Loan Agreement.
Secured Obligations. Has the meaning set forth in Section ‎3.
Secured Obligations. Means all obligations arising under or pursuant to the Note.
Secured Obligations. The meaning defined in Section 2 below and shall include all Indebtedness, obligations, and liabilities of the Borrower under the Loan Documents, whether on account of principal, interest, indemnities, fees (including, without limitation, attorney's fees , remarketing fees, origination fees, collection fees, and all other professional fees), costs, expenses, taxes, or otherwise.
Secured Obligations. All obligations of PEI to the Noteholders now or hereafter existing under the Notes Amendment Documents
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