Example Definitions of "Services"
Services. As the context requires, the OCWEN-Provided Services and the ALTISOURCE-Provided Services, collectively, or either of the OCWEN-Provided Services or the ALTISOURCE-Provided Services individually.
Services. Services shall mean the services described in Exhibit A, the Scope of Work, attached hereto. Services may be modified from time to time upon thirty (30) days written notice from the requesting party.
Services. The meaning assigned to it in the AMC ESA.
Services. All services provided by AmTrust pursuant to this Agreement and a Work Statement including, without limitation, the Support Services and any software development services other than the development of the Software Deliverable.
Services. Means the maintenance, installation, servicing and refurbishment of vended water machines.
Services. Product exchange and supply service provided to Customers, comprised of exchanging filled Bottles (including DSW Bottles and/or Bottles branded with DSW trademarks for certain DSW Customers) for empty Bottles (whether Primo Bottles or not), and delivering Products without corresponding exchanges of empty Bottles, in each case in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement
Services. Means services that may be provided by Boeing, including, but not limited to, Technical Assistance and Technical Consulting.
Services. All services provided to Prolexys including but not limited to administrative (including, but not limited to, accounts payable and accounts receivable), strategic planning, expert consultation, clinical trial services, statistical programming and analysis, data processing, data management, regulatory, clerical, project management, strategic advice, legal advice, intellectual property services, and other research and development services
Services. Billing and Collection Services and/or Management Services
Services. The services as identified in the Schedules
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