Example Definitions of "Services"
Services. The services described in Schedule 1 or otherwise agreed to by the Parties in writing after the Effective Date, including without limitation in any Product Schedule to the MSA that is agreed to by the Parties in writing after the Effective Date.
Services. The ASIC design and manufacturing services to be performed by Open-Silicon (or by a third party on behalf of Open-Silicon) as set forth in a Statement of Work, and any related consulting services.
Services. Services to be provided by the Purchaser to the Company as an employee of the Company, a consultant to the Company, or a member of the Company's Board of Directors (or any committee thereof).
Services. The Service to be provided by Pharm-Olam in connection with the Study as set out in this Agreement including Pharm-Olam's Obligations
Services. Services to be performed by FORENAP as set forth in a Work Order or this Master Agreement
Services. Any and all of the work to be performed by Wellness pursuant to this Agreement.
Services. Site qualification, monitoring, and any other services provided by CRO as specified in a Scope of Work
Services. The services defined in the applicable Statement of Work.
Services. Services relating to Licensee's, or Related Companies', credit card business and such services as are related and ancillary thereto including the offering of reward programmes, loans and insurance products.
Services. Shall mean the processing, print and mail and other services provided by ComTec under this Agreement, including but not limited to those described on Exhibit B hereto and/or as listed on Exhibit C hereto.
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