Example Definitions of "Shareholders"
Shareholders. Means each of (i) Stuart G. Hagler, (ii) David J. May and (iii) W.A. Westmoreland.
Shareholders. SII and Vander or Roman Cai, as nominee for Vander and such one of them as the case may be.
Shareholders. Means the Investors, the Key Holders and the Transferee Shareholders, collectively, or any one of the Shareholders individually, a "Shareholder."
Shareholders. Means the parties (individually or collectively) to this Agreement and their respective Affiliates.
Shareholders. The meaning assigned to such term in the Preamble
Shareholders. Shall have the meaning given in the preamble.
Shareholders. The registered holders of the Shares
Shareholders. The meaning ascribed to such term in the introductory paragraph of this Agreement
Shareholders. Collectively, the Founders and the Investors. Solely as and to the extent it is used in Sections 1.13 ("Market Stand-Off" Agreement), 1.14 (Termination of Registration Rights), 2.16 ("Certain rights upon an Initial Offering"), 3.1 ("Delivery of Financial Information"), 3.8 (Confidentiality) and 5 (Miscellaneous), the term "Shareholder" shall be deemed to include the persons and entities set forth on Schedule C attached hereto (the "SSA Shareholders")
Shareholders. The holders of the Common Stock
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