Work Product

Example Definitions of "Work Product"
Work Product. Shall mean and include all work product and deliverables created, developed, compiled or otherwise generated by Evonik in the course of rendering services for a Project, including any data, documentation, Product and/or Clinical Product.
Work Product. All discoveries, concepts, ideas, inventions, innovations, improvements, developments, methods, designs, analyses, drawings, reports, patents, trademarks and copyrights, copyrightable work and mask work (whether or not including any confidential information) and all registrations or applications related thereto, all other proprietary information and all similar or related information (whether or not patentable or capable of being registered under applicable trademark or copyright law) which... relate to the Company's and any of its Affiliates' actual or anticipated business, research and development or existing or future products or services and which are conceived, developed or made by Executive or other employees, officers, directors or agents of the Company and any of its Affiliates (whether alone or jointly with others) while employed by the Company and its Affiliates (or any of their predecessors or successors), whether before or after the Effective Date. View More
Work Product. All discoveries, developments, concepts, designs, ideas, know-how, modifications, improvements, derivative works, inventions, trade secrets, Trademarks, or Content, in each case whether or not patentable, copyrightable or otherwise legally protectable
Work Product. All methods, analyses, reports, plans, computer files and all similar or related information which (i) relate to Conn's or any of its Affiliates and (ii) are conceived, developed or made by Executive in the course of her employment by Conn's
Work Product. Any procedure, design feature, schematic, invention, improvement, development, discovery, know how, concept, idea or the like (whether or not patentable or registrable under copyright or trademark laws, or otherwise protectable under similar laws) that the Executive may conceive of, suggest, make, invent, develop or implement during the course of the Executive's employment with the Company or an Affiliate (whether individually or jointly with any other person), relating in any way to the... Business, and all physical embodiments and manifestations thereof, and all patent rights, copyrights, trademarks (or application therefore) and similar protections therein. View More
Work Product. Means any and all technical, scientific, regulatory, clinical and medical information and data, know-how, formulations, trade secrets, techniques, processes, ideas, concepts, designs, original works of authorship, enhancements, derivative works, adaptations and discoveries developed, conceived, reduced to practice, originated, prepared, learned, generated, obtained or made by or on behalf of a Party or its Affiliates and arising out of such Party's performance (whether directly or through the... use of a Party's Affiliates or Third Parties performing for such Party or its Affiliates) under this Agreement after the Effective Date, including all formulations, manufacturing processes, preclinical and clinical data, analytical and quality control data, stability data, studies and procedures and marketing studies as well as drug applications and interactions with regulatory authorities. View More
Work Product. Means Deliverables created under a Statement of Work (excluding any Airspan Background IP or Third Party Materials incorporated in the Deliverables).
Work Product. All work product, including Manufactured API, and deliverables created, developed, compiled or otherwise generated by Evonik solely pursuant to a Statement of Work based on Customer's Background IP.
Work Product. (a) all Deliverables, (b) all Intellectual Property, in any stage of development, that Contractor conceives, creates, develops, or reduces to practice in connection with performing the Services, and (c) all tangible embodiments (including models, presentations, prototypes, reports, samples, and summaries) of each item of such Intellectual Property
Work Product. All writings, works of authorship, technology, inventions, discoveries, ideas and other works of any nature whatsoever, including, Company information, including plans, publications, research, strategies, techniques, agreements, documents, contracts, terms of agreements, negotiations, know-how, computer programs, computer applications, software design, databases, manuals, results, developments, reports, graphics, drawings, sketches, market studies, formulae, notes, communications, algorithms,... product plans, product designs, styles, models, audiovisual programs, inventions, unpublished patent applications, original works of authorship, discoveries, experimental processes, experimental results, specifications, customer information, client information, customer lists, client lists, manufacturing information, marketing information, advertising information, and sales information, that are created, prepared, produced, authored, edited, amended, conceived or reduced to practice by the Executive individually or jointly with others during the Term of Employment and any prior employment, and relating in any way to the Business or planned business, research or development of the Company (regardless of when or where the Work Product is or was prepared or whose equipment or other resources is used in preparing the same) and all printed, physical and electronic copies, all improvements, rights and claims, and other tangible embodiments related to the foregoing. View More
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